Recently, the world celebrated the emergence of President Faye Bassirou Diomaye, the youngest Senegalese President since its independence, on his victory. His victory demonstrates the possibility of a shift in the emergence of younger leadership in Africa, which is a deviation from the age norm of presidents across the continent. The outcome of Senegal’s election...
*By Ana’ayi Jennifer Danbagai Democracy in the African continent has suffered major setbacks over the last few decades. The coup trends across Sahel West Africa; Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea, and Niger in the last four years have not only destabilized local democracies but also burdened regional blocs with protecting democratic integrity across the continent.   With...
Press Statement 14th February 2024 Yiaga Africa Stands In Solidarity with the People of Senegal over the Postponement of the Presidential Elections Yiaga Africa is deeply concerned by the actions taken by President Macky Sall to delay the presidential election which was initially scheduled for 25  February 2024. This postponement flouts the Constitution of Senegal...


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