Legislative Engagement

Legislative Engagement

Yiaga Africa recognizes the legislative arm of government as a vehicle for the promotion of good governance, accountability, and national development. The legislative function of lawmaking, representation, and oversight deepens social accountability and the delivery of public good. Yiaga Africa has an integrated approach that promotes the development of the legislature in Africa through innovative research, training, and citizen engagement.

The Yiaga Africa Centre for Legislative Engagement operates as a think-tank that delivers high-quality research and capacity building on legislative practice and procedure. This includes legislative drafting, bill analysis, scrutiny, parliamentary committee support, etc. The Centre also facilitates effective legislator–constituent engagement through constituency outreach initiatives. The Centre promotes peer learning and networking amongst young legislators through the establishment of Young Parliamentarians Forums in National parliaments in Africa. Through the forums, Yiaga Africa is building a new generation of legislators and political leaders committed to transformative leadership, legislative accountability, and qualitative representation. As part of its mandate, the Centre leads Yiaga Africa’s work on constitution reforms, political party reforms, local governance, and international development cooperation.

Our Approach

  • Institution Strengthening
  • Capacity Development
  • Citizen’s Participation
  • Research