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Yiaga Africa, YPF back young parliamentarians: call for capacity building, legislative guidance

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Our Initiatives

Advancing democratic practice and building citizens' power to reclaim the state.

We focus on in-depth research, providing critical analysis on key democratic and governance issues, crafting practical solutions, training and empowering citizens to lead change in their community.

How we work

Data-Driven Approach

Our advocacy campaigns are informed by credible research and data, as it is essential for effective, evidence-based advocacy.


We build the capacity of communities to undertake advocacy campaigns, carry out community projects and engage democratic institutions, thus giving them the power to reclaim the state.

Focused Support

We provide support to young candidates and change-makers to run effective, issues-based campaigns that will inspire voters and communities to action.


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  • Just like the trunk of a Brazilian baobab tree a democracy has a built-in capacity to deliver even during difficult times democracy relies on systems not superheroes is strong institutions that are designed to deliver for the people it has space for effective civil society organisations like the many of you represent here today like Nigeria’s Yiaga Africa which promotes democratic governance human rights and civic engagement.

    Dr. Miguel Cardona
    U.S. Secretary of Education

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