Invitation to Participate: Lagos Digital Democracy Fair 2024

Are you a citizen passionate about increasing civic engagement in our democracy and facilitating the demand for accountability? Are you interested in learning how you can leverage technology to promote civic action and create social good?

We invite you to participate at the Digital Democracy Fair 2024, a premier event fostering collaboration and innovation in Lagos, Nigeria.

About the Digital Democracy Fair 2024:

The Digital Democracy Fair is an activity under Yiaga Africa’s Turn Up democracy initiative which has an overall objective to strengthen governance and accountability through citizen engagement, democratic reforms and public participation in decision-making.

The Digital Democracy Fair which will be hosted in Lagos state in Partnership with CivicHive is designed to identify tech innovations that support citizen’s engagement with the government, facilitate the demand for accountability and promote civic action at different levels. The Digital Fair also intends to spotlight tech innovations and digital tools for civic engagement while creating an ecosystem for tech innovators and civic actors to collaborate for social change. It will be an avenue to identify new opportunities for improving citizens’ engagement with public officials and improve understanding of the impact of digital transformation on democracy and public participation.

Who Should Participate:

We encourage participation from:

  • Civil society organizations leveraging digital tools to address issues such as civic participation, governance, public accountability, and more.
  • Civic organizers and activists looking to create social good in communities and among citizens.

To Participate:

Register via this link.

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