Yiaga Africa, Young Parliamentarians Forum Forge Collaborative Agenda to Strengthen Youth Leadership

Yiaga Africa, following her commitment to fostering the growth and empowerment of young legislators who embody the essential qualities of character, capacity, and competence required for effective public office, has engaged in productive conversations with the Young Parliamentarians Forum (YPF). The objective of this meeting was to develop a framework for the National and state YPF, amend the rules and operational guidelines of the Forum, and develop a strategy for a smooth transition of the leadership of the Young Parliamentarians Forum 

Samson Itodo, the Executive Director of Yiaga Africa, emphasized the key areas of focus for the conversation, which included the provision of support for the Secretariat of the YPF, and getting legislatures involved at the National and State Assemblies. He also emphasized the necessity of conducting a comprehensive refresher training program for newly elected young legislators. The aim of which was to ensure a unified understanding and alignment among all parliamentarians. 

Hon. Kabir Tukura, Chairman of the Young Parliamentarians Forum and Member of the House of Representatives echoed these sentiments. However, he proposed that the election for the leadership of the YPF be scheduled after the Committee of the National Assembly has been constituted. This would allow lawmakers to acclimate themselves to their respective committee responsibilities and be fully prepared to engage in the business of the YPF. Hon. Tukura stressed the importance of an active YPF at all State Assembly. He equally expressed his deepest appreciation for the collaboration with Yiaga Africa on the successful conduct of The Convergence 5.0. He stated that the engagement at the convergence has taught legislators more than any other conference organized for legislators because the approach has always been a tutor-student relationship.

Recognizing the importance of establishing a robust support system for the YPF, the discussions also highlighted the need for collaboration between the Forum and the leadership of the National Assembly, as well as the State Assemblies. This collaborative effort aims to dispel any unfounded concerns that often arise when young legislators convene, as some perceive it as a potential plot for a hostile takeover.

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