Not Too Young To Run
Young lawmakers in the National Assembly have been charged to introduce important and quality legislative bills that will impact positively on their constituents, as they were reminded that the political, economic and social growth of a country depends largely on the kind of laws that are in place. This charge was made during a two-day...
On Monday, Yiaga Africa and WeLead Trust, a youth leadership and advocacy organisation based in Zimbabwe, hosted a Twitter Space event titled “HERSTORY: Amplifying Women’s Voices in Elections.” The conversation featured distinguished young speakers who are politicians and activists from several parts of Africa, each providing valuable insights on fostering youth engagement in politics, the...
Select lawmakers and invited guests at The Convergence 5.0
The signing of the Not Too Young to Run Bill into law by former President Muhammad Buhari on May 31st, 2018, opened the space for the inclusion of young people in politics. By lowering the age limits for contesting elections, this law enabled young people to begin their political journey early. However, despite the law’s...
Yiaga Africa, following her commitment to fostering the growth and empowerment of young legislators who embody the essential qualities of character, capacity, and competence required for effective public office, has engaged in productive conversations with the Young Parliamentarians Forum (YPF). The objective of this meeting was to develop a framework for the National and state...
Samson Itodo speaking at The Convergence 5.0
Dissatisfaction with democratic politics is fueled partly by the dominance of gerontocrats in politics and the disconnect between politics and citizens. The value citizens derive from politics is primarily influenced by the manner political actors practice the game of politics. Politics loses its relevance when it fails to deliver tangible outputs to citizens. It takes...


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