I will be next Anambra Governor – Nollywood Actor, Yule Edochie

Popular Nolywood actor, Yule Edochie, who is contesting for the governorship election in Anambra State in November on the platform Democratic Peoples Congress (DPC) has said he is determined to win the November Gubernatorial elections in Anambra state, as he claimed that he was already sure of victory.

Mr Edochie said this during an interview with Nigerian Tribune as he said his ambition was triggered by the drive to liberate the people of the state using his use celebrity status to speak for the people and touch lives positively.

According to Edochie “Our people have suffered too much because we have failed to address the issue of bad governance and it has kept on the same spot for years. That being said, this ambition was inspired by God, who has sent me on a divine mission to rescue the people and show them the true meaning of good governance which they yearned for over the years. The time for them to enjoy the full dividends of democracy is now and I am certain that we will emerge victorious with God and the people on our side”.

“I will put the people first. The plight of the masses will come first in my government. This is the problem we as a people have faced over the years and I am willing and committed to correct that. I will bring the people close to government. They are the reason we are doing this, so whatever we do that is anti-people is tantamount to failure on our part. It is sad that people in government only care about enriching themselves. We will run the kind of government that will think about the people before fixing taxes. Ours will be the kind of government that will sit down and ask how the common man survives on his meager minimum wage every month. Our government will assist private businesses to grow and thrive without any inhibition, he said.

Furthermore, he said he is positive about this dream despite the political atmosphere saying, every ambition on earth is achievable. “It only takes focus, dogged drive and God’s will. By the grace of God, I will be the next governor of Anambra State, he enthused.
” For me, I don’t see this ambition as a tall dream. It is very achievable as far as I am concerned. The President of France is 39 years old and there are other many world leaders, who are as young as him. I am 35 years old. I have no doubt that I am the perfect man to lead the state. We need to come to the realisation that public office is not a retirement place. There is the urgent need to fix the problems of the young, vibrant, intelligent, decisive leaders with integrity, who care about the welfare of the people”, he said.

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