Accra Summit Communiqué on the Future of Citizen Election Observation in Africa

Accra Summit Communiqué on the Future of Citizen Election Observation in Africa

From May 9 – 11, 2023, the Ghana Center for Democracy and Development (CDD-Ghana), Yiaga Africa, and the National Democratic Institute (NDI) convened a lessons-learning conference to advance efforts by citizen election observers to formulate, adopt and disseminate guidance for more systematic and comprehensive election observation that responds to the new realities of election observation in Africa.

In view of emerging issues associated with election quality, contestation around results outcomes, and other challenges, it was  imperative for election observation experts to conduct retrospective discussions on how to effectively deploy systematic observation to support electoral credibility. The conference brought together citizen election observer groups and experts from across Africa to deliberate and discuss adaptations to new dynamics in electoral processes, including placing a greater focus on pre-election monitoring to put election day in context; decisions about when to collect and release PVT data; strategic engagement with key stakeholders and the public;  diversifying funding for citizen election observation; and the changing role of the judiciary in elections in various countries.

Drawing on conclusions from the event, participants will develop concrete recommendations for how citizen observers and other electoral stakeholders can best address the new realities of African elections.

Un rassemblement estimé de 58 délégués représentant 24 organisations distinguées de 20 pays africains s’est réuni à Accra pour le Sommet sur les nouvelles réalités de l’observation citoyenne des élections en Afrique, co-organisé par CDD-GHANA, @YIAGA et @NDI. Le sommet a été un forum pour un discours approfondi et une analyse des questions émergentes dans l’observation des élections. Un communiqué de presse détaillant les principaux résultats du sommet est fourni ci-dessous.

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