#WatchingTheVote Mid-day Situational Statement on the 2018 Ekiti Gubernatorial Election


YIAGA AFRICA #WatchingTheVote (WTV) is observing the 2018 governorship election in Ekiti state. YIAGA WTV deployed 500 carefully trained stationary observers and 24 mobile observers in all the 16 local government areas (LGAs) in Ekiti state. YIAGA AFRICA also deployed 16 collation centre observers to each of the LGA collation centres and the state collation centre. YIAGA AFRICA WTV is leveraging on the parallel vote tabulation (PVT) methodology to observe elections. PVT is a tested and advanced methodology that employs well established statistical principles and utilizes sophisticated information technologies for election observation. YIAGA AFRICA’s WTV project provides the most timely and accurate information on the conduct of voting and counting and uses the only observation methodology that can independently verify the official governorship results as announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).


YIAGA AFRICA’s WTV observation for the Ekiti 2018 gubernatorial elections is fully operational. At this time, YIAGA AFRICA has received reports from 242 of 250 sampled polling units across the 16 LGAs.

These are preliminary findings as of 12:00 pm on election day. The following data will be updated as additional reports are received from WTV observers at sampled polling units.

  1. As of 7:30 am, YIAGA AFRICA WTV observers reported that INEC officials had arrived at 78% of polling units.
  2. By 9:00 am 91% of polling units had commenced accreditation and voting.
  3. In those polling units where INEC officials and materials arrived, 83% of polling units had four polling officials present, 7% had more than four polling officials present and 10% had fewer than four polling officials present. 89% of polling units had at least one female polling official present, 54% of polling units had two or more female polling officials present.
  4. In addition, 99% of polling units had security agents present.
  5. Card readers were observed in 100% of polling units. All essential materials (register of voters, indelible ink-marker pen, polling official stamp, voting cubicle, ink pad, Form EC.8A Statement of Results and Form EC.40H Voter Information) were present in 99% of polling units.
  6. ADP polling or party agents were seen at 15% of polling units, APC at 100% of polling units, and PDP at 100% of polling units.

YIAGA commends INEC on the timely opening of polling units, particularly as compared to the Anambra gubernatorial election where INEC officials were observed in only 28% of polling units by 7:30 am and accreditation and voting had begun by 9:00 am in 39% of polling units.

In view of the foregoing, YIAGA AFRICA WTV makes the following preliminary recommendations:

Preliminary Recommendations

  1. Voters should turn out confident that polling units are open with essential materials present.
  2. INEC should continue to uphold the secrecy of the ballot by ensuring voting cubicles and ballot boxes are situated to guarantee the secrecy of the ballot. Security agents deployed to polling stations should apprehend an individual or group involved in vote buying.
  3. Parties should ensure that their representatives are present to observe the process and counting.
  4. INEC should continue to adhere to the election guidelines as voting continues and throughout the process.
  5. YIAGA AFRICA encourages security agents to conduct themselves professionally and to continue to assure a peaceful process.
  6. We urge public and private media organizations to uphold the core principles of ethical journalism in their reportage of the election.

About YIAGA AFRICA and Watching The Vote

YIAGA AFRICA is a non-profit civic hub of changemakers building democratic societies in Africa anchored on the principles of inclusion, justice, rule of law and accountability. YIAGA AFRICA achieves its goal through research, capacity development and policy advocacy. YIAGA AFRICA has been involved in election observation since 2007 and it is one of the leading organizations working on elections in Nigeria.

YIAGA AFRICA Watching The Vote is a citizen-led election observation initiative aimed at enhancing the integrity of elections in Nigeria using technological tools like SMS and evidence-based research methodologies to further election observation. The initiative is designed to promote credible elections and boost citizens’ confidence in the electoral process through citizen’s observation of electoral activities in the electoral cycle. YIAGA AFRICA is enhancing the quality of democracy in Nigeria using the WTV as a platform for promoting cutting-edge electoral policies, credible elections, civic participation and democratic consolidation.

YIAGA AFRICA’s WTV will observe the process until the end. Our observers will remain at polling units until accreditation, voting, and counting are completed and the official results have been announced and posted by the polling officials. YIAGA AFRICA will issue additional updates as appropriate and intends to issue a preliminary statement on the conduct of accreditation, voting, and counting on Saturday, July 14 at the Eleventh House hotel at 7:00 pm.

— End —

Hussaini Abdu, PhD                                                                                     Samson Itodo

Chair                                                                                                               Executive Director

YIAGA AFRICA WTV Working Group                                                            YIAGA AFRICA

For media inquiries please contact:

Moshood Isah

Communication Officer


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Email: misah@yiaga.org

Learn more about #WatchingTheVote at www.watchingthevote.org or on social media on Facebook at facebook.com/yiaga.org or on Twitter @YIAGA.


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