Sierra Leone
Ballot Paper used in the Sierra Leone Presidential Election
By Ibrahim Faruk There is a common denominator that African citizens in 24 countries have and will have in 2023: We want to vote!  The year 2023 is a very crucial one for Africa in terms of change of government via election as a total of 24 general, legislative and local elections would take place in the...
Group Picture of #ThePowerOf18 Champions
Yiaga Africa has provided SLE 75,000 to support civic projects aimed at mobilising young civic actors towards increased voter education and citizen mobilisation initiatives for the 24 June 2023 General Elections in Sierra Leone. The elections, which will be the fifth consecutive one since the end of the country’s civil war in 2002, will see...
The Republic of Sierra Leone conducted its general elections to elect the President, Parliament and local councils. The Presidential election was inconclusive as no candidate secured 55% of the vote to win the first round. In line with constitutional stipulations, presidential run-off election was conducted on March 28, 2018. Julius Maada Bio of the opposition...


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