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12th June 2024 2024 Democracy Day Press Statement Introduction Today, we commemorate 25 years of uninterrupted democracy in Nigeria’s journey to nationhood. This significant milestone is a testament to the collective will and commitment of the Nigerian people to democratic ethos and principles, including the...
*By David Mkpume Democracy as the cornerstone of modern governance thrives on the strength of its institutions, which includes political parties as they play a pivotal role in shaping the democratic landscape, and in the functioning and sustenance of democracy. They also serve as the...
In this week’s edition of ‘The Ballot’, we look at the events that are shaping elections in Nigeria, ranging from conversations on the status of state independent electoral commissions (SIECs) in Nigeria and the Continuous Voter Registration in Edo and Ondo States to preparations for...
7th June 2024 Press Statement Introduction Yiaga Africa has observed increasing calls for the abolition of State Independent Electoral Commissions (SIEC) and the transfer of the responsibility of conducting local government elections to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). This policy proposal is fundamentally flawed...
*By Mark Amaza The past couple of weeks have been abuzz with outrage at the circular from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to commercial banks in the country to begin to implement the 0.5% cybersecurity levy on electronic transactions, itself based on the Cybercrime...
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