Mid-Day Situational Statement on the 2017 Anambra Gubernatorial Election

Mid-Day Situational Statement on the
2017 Anambra Gubernatorial Election

Issued Saturday November 18, 2017


The Youth Initiative for Advocacy, Growth & Advancement (YIAGA) Watching The Vote is observing the 2017 Anambra governorship election in Anambra state. YIAGA WTV deployed 500 carefully trained stationary observers and 29 mobile observers in all the 21 Local Government Areas in Anambra state. YIAGA WTV is leveraging on the Parallel Vote Tabulation (PVT) methodology for her observation of the elections. PVT is a tested and advanced methodology that employs well established statistical principles and utilizes sophisticated information technologies for election observation. YIAGA’s WTV provides the most timely and accurate information on the conduct of voting and counting and is the only observation methodology that can independently verify the official governorship results as announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).


YIAGA’s #WatchingTheVote observation for the Anambra 2017 Gubernatorial Elections is fully operational. YIAGA is receiving reports from 247 of 250 sampled polling units across the 21 local government areas (LGA).

These are preliminary findings as of 1:30pm on election day. This data is being updated as additional reports are received from #WatchingTheVote observers at sampled polling units.

  • As at 7:30am YIAGA Watching The Vote observers reported that INEC officials had arrived at only 28% polling units. However, for Awka North and Awka South INEC officials had arrived by 7:30am at 67% and 69% of polling units respectively.
  • As at 10:00am 75% of polling units were open and by 12:00 noon 92% of polling units were open.
  • In polling units where INEC officials and materials arrived, there was an average of 4 polling officials per polling unit. Averagely, each polling unit had 2 women. Almost 100% of polling units had card readers. In addition, 98% had security agents at the polling station.
  • APC party agents were seen at 90% of polling units, APGA at 98% of polling units, and PDP at 89% of polling units.

Preliminary reports suggest that a significant number of people are being accredited to vote who have valid PVC, but for whom card reader failed to authenticate their finger prints. This finding is very tentative, but of concern.

In view of the foregoing, YIAGA WTV makes the following preliminary recommendations;

  1. Due to the late arrival of materials and electoral personnel at the polling unit, INEC should extend the official closing time for voting from 2pm to 5pm. This will ensure voters are not disenfranchised from voting. It is important to reiterate that INEC should ensure polling officials comply strictly with the guidelines that voting should continue until the last person on the queue casts his or her ballot.


  1. For the purposes of transparency, YIAGA WTV urges INEC to publish the data of the collection rate of the Permanent Voter Card.

YIAGA’s Watching The Vote is observing the process until the end. Our observers will remain at polling units until accreditation, voting, and counting are completed and the official results have been announced and posted by the polling officials. YIAGA will issue additional updates as appropriate and intend on issuing her preliminary statement on the conduct of accreditation, voting, and counting on Sunday November 19, 2017 at 10:00am at Finotel Hotel, Akwa.

— End —

Hussaini Abdu PhD                                              Samson Itodo
Chair,                                                                       Executive Director
YIAGA WTV Working Group                               YIAGA

For media inquiries please contact:
Moshood Isah: Tel. +234 (0) 703 666 9339
Email: misah@yiaga.org

Learn more about #WatchingTheVote at www.watchingthevote.org or on social media on Facebook at facebook.com/yiaga.org or on Twitter @YIAGA.

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