Ekiti 2018 :YIAGA AFRICA Warns Against Violence, Vote Buying in 1st Pre-Election Observation Report

YIAGA AFRICA in conducting a comprehensive, long-term pre-election observation of Ekiti 2018 Governorship election under the Watching the Vote (WTV) project deployed 24 long term observers in the 16 Local Government Areas in the State to observe the pre-election environment.

This report is the first in a series of four (4) that would be released by YIAGA AFRICA on its pre-election observation. The report highlights observations from political party primaries and pre-election activities such as voter education, political campaigns.

The report also highlights interventions aimed at facilitating the participation of marginalised groups in the political process such as youth, women and people with disabilities (PWDs) and indicators of violence monitoring. Our findings suggest that preparations for credible elections in the state are on course, however, there are opportunities for improvement. We similarly, highlighted some of the areas that require improvements and offer recommendations.

The findings on the level of campaigns and participation of marginalised groups were that though few women emerged as candidates, women and youth were actively participating in the electoral process. WTV observed both women and youth groups canvassing for votes in about half of the 16 LGAs in the State.

YIAGA therefore recommends that political parties should introduce policies that encourages women, youth and PWDs to emerge as candidates in future elections. WTV also found that political party rallies and activities are ongoing throughout the state, primarily organized by the Action Democratic Party (ADP), All Progressives Congress (APC) and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

With few incidents of violence and attacks, YIAGA encourages all candidates and parties to adhere to the electoral framework, discourage violence amongst their supporters, and desist from such illegal practices as buying and selling voters’ cards and any form of voter inducement through money or gift items. Lastly, WTV findings revealed that voter education across the State was not totally generic as WTV observed voter education targeted at women, youth and people with disabilities by INEC and Civil Society Groups (CSOs).

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