Yiaga Africa Watching The Vote PVT 2023 Presidential Election Preliminary Press Statement

Yiaga Africa expressed concerns about the unexplained delay in uploading polling unit results for the presidential election on the INEC Election Results Viewing Portal (IReV). As of 10 pm on election day, results for the Presidential election were not uploaded on the INEC portal after voting and counting ended in several polling units. At 9:00 am on 26th February, INEC uploaded only 25,503 results for the Presidential elections on the INEC portal. The delay in uploading the results undermines public confidence in the results transmission process as it deviates from the guidelines for the elections and it failed to meet citizens expectations.

Thus far, the 2023 presidential elections are once again a missed opportunity. The currency crisis created unnecessary challenges for voters, political parties and civil society to engage in the electoral process as well as for INEC to conduct the elections. Logistical shortfalls by INEC caused confusion and unacceptable delays in polling units opening – most notably in South East and South South geopolitical zones. The failure of the IReV system, intended to enhance transparency could potentially impugn the integrity of the elections.