One Year in the Peoples’ House: Performance Report of the First Session of the Tenth House of Representatives of the Fourth Republic, Federal Republic of Nigeria

Routine performance assessments of democratic institutions are becoming increasingly common, particularly in emerging democracies across Africa. This practice responds to the high expectations that have accompanied the continent’s transformation in governance. In Nigeria, the democratization process over the past quarter-century has necessitated regular evaluations of governance institutions to monitor progress and identify gaps in achieving good governance. At the core of this democratic governance is the House of Representatives, an institution embodying the essence of democracy as “government of the people, by the people, and for the people.” The House of Representatives has played a pivotal role in prioritizing the aspirations and interests of Nigerians, ensuring that laws are made for the peace and progress of the country.
This performance assessment was undertaken to evaluate how effectively the 10th House of Representatives has implemented its legislative agenda within its first session. The assessment serves several key purposes: (i) to gauge the level of preparedness and institutional capacity of the 10th House to deliver on its mandate amid challenging national circumstances, (ii) to assess the maturity of our democracy, which is largely dependent on the efficiency of the legislative arm of government, and (iii) to document the assessment report as a valuable resource in the growing literature of legislative activism.