#NotTooYoungToRun Leadership Prize for Legislative Performance

The Leadership Prize for Legislative Performance is a prize bestowed on young legislators to celebrate outstanding legislative performance in the National and State House of Assembly. The prize seeks to recognize young legislators who stand out with exemplary leadership and demonstrate excellence in public service and constituent representation. The ultimate objective of the prize is to showcase exceptional young legislators as models of public leadership and to motivate legislators to deliver legislative leadership and quality representation. It is expected the prize will catalyze positive shifts in public perception of youth leadership.

Strategic objectives of the prize

  1. Celebrate leadership: The prize seeks to recognize and celebrate outstanding young legislators who under challenging circumstances achieve excellent legislative performance in the areas of lawmaking, legislative oversight and constituent’s representation. The prize extends to young legislators who have made significant contributions to legislative governance.
  2. Inspire leadership: The prize will incentivize elected legislators and incumbents to ensure high legislative performance and outputs during their term in office.
  3. Document leadership: Create platforms for outstanding public leaders to reflect on their leadership experiences, dilemmas and leadership transition and to create avenues for sustained contribution to democracy, public leadership and legislative governance.