Electoral Trust Restored?

Electoral Trust Restored? assesses Nigeria’s electoral process one year after the 2023 general elections. The report is framed as a question to provoke and stimulate conversations on the state of Nigeria’s electoral process. It builds on Dashed Hopes? Yiaga Africa’s final report on the 2023 general elections. The report provides stakeholders with insights to evaluate the democratic quality of elections, reflect on the lessons learned, follow-up commitments made by stakeholders, and define steps to build upon milestones and initiate necessary reforms to enhance the quality of Nigeria’s electoral process. It examines pivotal election activities, including off-cycle elections, legislative reforms, INEC appointments, and the prosecution of electoral offenses. Key trends identified include declining public trust, uncertainty about the current administration’s approach to electoral reform, challenges to electoral justice, signs of INEC capture, and declining voter participation. 

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