The Election Manipulation Risk Index (EMRI) is an evidence-based tool designed to curb election
manipulation, facilitate strategic election planning and promote citizens oversight of the electoral
process. The EMRI monitors strategies and tools employed by election stakeholders to manipulate the
electoral process. The central focus of the EMRI is election administration and It highlights potential
risks capable of undermining election integrity. In addition, EMRI outlines mitigation measures to avert
the risks posed by these actors.
The central objective of the EMRI is to facilitate systematic and coherent monitoring of the insidious
nature of election manipulation in the build-up to Nigeria’s 2023 general elections. The EMRI
indicators reflect a comprehensive understanding of the electoral process and the interplay of actors
in the election value-chain. Though limited in scope, the EMRI can be used by election stakeholders to
spotlight issues likely to impact the integrity of the 2023 general elections. It should be seen as a rapid
scanning tool, rather than an in-depth solution for threats of election manipulation.
As preparation for the 2023 general election reaches advanced stages, attempts to distort election
outcomes using manipulation strategies are on the rise. Key actors are devising strategies to
punctuate electoral preparations and neutralize the impact of laudable reforms aimed at enhancing
the integrity of the electoral process. The political interference with INEC operations, manipulation of
the voter register, frivolous litigations and resistance against electoral technology like BVAS and IReV,
and administrative lapses are clear manifestations of election manipulation. Weakness in election
administration creates opportunities for manipulation by different actors.