Bella Anne Ndubuisi



Bella has seven years of experience in cultural and public diplomacy. She currently works as the Cultural Affairs Specialist at the Embassy of the United State of America, Abuja Nigeria where is responsible for strategically directing U.S. cultural diplomacy initiatives in Nigeria and increasing the reach and impact of people-to-people exchange in Nigeria. She holds an MA in International Development Studies and BA in International Relations and French. 

Bella has strong interests in women and girls’ empowerment and democratic governance and works in an advisory capacity with CSOs in Nigeria working on these issues. She is a founding member of the Not Too Young to Run Movement. 

She also has more than a decade’s experience working with adolescents, particularly in building their leadership capacity and navigating a career path. Through her initiative, Girl Lead Hub, Bella is building and supporting a network of adolescent girls who are driven and committed to leadership, service, and making positive change. In the five years of being a member of the Abuja Hub, Bella served as a Hub Curator, Hub Recruitment Chair, and Hub Elections Committee Chair; and led several hub projects including Shape-Up mentoring, Give a Gift, Amana Initiative, etc. She joined the alumni community in 2018 and was recently appointed Co-chair of the Global Shapers Advisory Council on Elections and Leadership. 

Bella is a Member of the Board of Yiaga Africa.