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Pre-election Press Statement on the 2022 Ekiti Governorship Election


Yiaga Africa Watching The Vote (WTV) started its pre-election observation in March 2022 and has released four reports on the state of preparedness, political campaigns, and security threats in the 2022 Ekiti governorship elections. From a Yiaga Africa perspective, the forthcoming June 18th governorship election presents an opportunity to assess the operational implications of specific provisions of the Electoral Act 2022 and the newly issued Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) guidelines. The commitment of key election stakeholders, such as INEC and security agencies to credible and non-violence free elections will also be tested in this election. Based on these commitments made by INEC and security agencies, Yiaga Africa’s expectation is that this election should not be defined by perennial challenges of election logistics, technological failures, inconsistent application of electoral laws and guidelines, electoral violence and vote buying. These challenges in previous elections have undermined public confidence in the electoral process and raised questions about the gains achieved in Nigeria’s 23 years democracy journey. 

Sixteen (16) out of the eighteen (18) political parties in Nigeria are on the ballot, having fulfilled all conditions for candidates' nomination.  This election will be determined by 988,923 registered voters out of which 51% are women and 38.56% are youths (18-34). According to INEC, 76% of the registered voters have collected their permanent voters' cards (PVCs) as of June 14, 2022.



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