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Lead Generation Initiative,  Yiaga Africa, Train Kwara Citizens on Leadership, Political  Inclusion

In its consistent effort to build citizens for better civic leadership and participation, Yiaga Africa partnered with the Lead Generation Initiative to train 60 citizens from all 16 local government areas in Kwara State, on leadership, youth political participation and governance. During the 2-day event tagged ‘Get Involved Leadership Training (GiLT) Kwara’, participants were exposed to the imperative of relationship-building in civic engagement. Participants were also trained on how best to identify core leadership practices for organizing for public advocacy. Yiaga Africa Programs Manager, Governance and Development, Ibrahim Faruk facilitated an opening session on ‘Organizing as a Leadership Practice’ where participants were introduced to a new leadership paradigm and practices that make a good leader, how to effectively mobilize people, grasp power, and how to make a change. The Programs Assistant, Governance and Development, Olaniyan Sanusi facilitated a session on ‘Mobilizing Shared Commitment: Building Power through Relationships;, wherein he exposed participants to the importance of building relationships in civic engagement. Emphasizing the importance of communication skills for any leader, Communications Assistant, Chinemerem Onuorah facilitated the session on ‘Media and Communication Skills in the 21st Century’, sharing ideas on how best to effectively brand yourself or organization, for personal, professional, and political development.   More sessions held on the second day of this event, with Yiaga Africa staff embarking on more practical lessons, breakout sessions, and interactions with the 60 participants of this training. These practical sessions included breaking the participants into groups in which they formed a team, created a name, a shared purpose and dramatisation of how to carry out the campaign of their team. The event also witnessed the presence of Abdullahi Mojeed, CEO Harmony Holdings Limited, who emphasized the importance of the youths in Nigeria, and how vital it is that they are equipped with all that is necessary to get them ready for leadership. In his words, ‘if we keep doing things the way we did before, we can’t expect a future that is sustainable.’ He urged the participants in the training to consider themselves lucky to have been presented with the opportunity to be mentally equipped for leadership. In her opening remarks, the Executive Director of Lead Generation Initiative, Chief Mrs. Ayobola Peller, stated her attachment to Kwara state, and how she is hopeful that the training would be beneficial to budding leaders, especially women. According to her, ‘women are agents of social change,’ and so the training aims to especially empower women and set them a step forward in their pursuit of leadership. Hon. Shina Peller, Chairman Board of Trustees for Lead Generation Initiative tasked the participants in the training to consider themselves leaders in their own capacity. On patriotism and civic responsibility, he said, ‘I beg you all to consider yourself an asset to the system of leadership and not a liability.’   Being a ‘train the trainer’  event, the participants were tasked with stepping down the knowledge and implementing the leadership skills they have acquired during the course of the training, in their different local governments. The participants expressed satisfaction with the training modules, and insist that they now consider themselves well-equipped to tackle leadership challenges. 


Yiaga Africa is a non-profit civic hub of change makers committed to the promotion of democratic governance, human rights and civic engagement. With its operational base in Abuja, Nigeria, Yiaga Africa focuses on in-depth research, providing critical analysis on key democratic and governance issues, crafting practical solutions, training and empowering citizens to lead change in their community. Yiaga Africa implements several innovative programs aimed at stimulating active citizenship, protecting human rights and deepening democratic governance. We invest in building networks and social movements to drive social change and transformation. Yiaga Africa has leadership structures and members in all 36 states and 774 Local Government Areas (LGA) of Nigeria.