The youth program is one of YIAGA’s major program areas. The focus on youth is informed by our strong desire to harness the potentials of Africa’s largest demographic block for democratic development and social change. YIAGA firmly believes young people possess the skill, intellect, resilience and energy needed to solve Africa’s governance and development challenges. To this end, we are driven by the desire to mobilize and empower young people with the requisite skills and knowledge that makes them agents of change in their community. YIAGA adopts 18 – 35 as the age threshold for youth. This strategy priorities specific target youth groups. They include; female youth, youth with disabilities, rural youth, out of school youth, unemployed youth, youth in conflict, illiterate youth and youth in diaspora.

Strategic objectives;

  1. Promote the development and monitor the implementation of policies and legislations aimed at enhancing youth and sustainable development.
  2. Provide technical assistance on the development of strategic plans to the Federal Ministry of Youth Development, Nigerian Youth Parliament, National Youth Council, National Association of Nigerian Students, Student Union Governments etc.;
  3. Provide Support to youth organizations on organizational development, policy advocacy, resource mobilization, program development, networking etc.
  4. Build the next generation of leaders and civic actors
  5. Increase youth engagement and visibility in political parties
  6. Promote non violent engagement: Reduce youth involvement in electoral violence, crime and violent extremism to the barest minimum;
  7. Promote the implementation of international instruments that foster youth development and democracy