Centre for Legislative Engagement

The legislature is not only a symbol of democracy but also the participatory hub of popular participation. As an arm of government, the legislature avails citizens the opportunity to participate in law making and oversight of the other arms of government. This enhances accountability in public governance. This program is conceptualized as a strategy of enhancing legislative accountability through effective citizens participation in legislative processes. The program recognizes the critical role of legislators in governance and nation building hence the initiative to provide strategic support to enhance their performance. Furthermore, this program targets citizens’ engagement with elected representatives in legislative arm of government at the local, state and national level.

Strategic objectives

  1. Deepen citizens knowledge on the mandate and functions of the legislature;
  2. Promote legislative accountability and effective citizens participation in legislative processes;
  3. Enhance the performance of young legislators, legislative aides and specific committees in the legislature at the national level and selected state level legislatures
  4. Promote a culture of openness and transparency in the legislative arm of government;