The world stood still on August 12 to celebrate the youth. The International Youth Day is celebrated globally by the United Nations to draw global attention to the needs and concerns of young people. The day is set aside to celebrate the contributions of youth to democracy and sustainable development. In Nigeria, YIAGA partnered with the Federal Ministry of Youth Development and two other youth organisations to host this year’s #YouthDay. A youth consultation was convened by the youth ministry in collaboration with YIAGA, Youngstars Foundation and MindtheGap foundation to develop a Nigerian Youth Declaration that was presented to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhammad Buhari. The declaration articulates the youth agenda for the new administration. Five issues were highlighted in the youth declaration; they include

1. Youth Unemployment
2. Youth Participation in decision-making
3. Financing Youth Development
4. Reform of Youth Development Programs
5. Insecurity and public accountability.

In his response, President Buhari assured the youths that his administration will ensure progressive inclusion of young people in political and decision-making processes through the strengthening of democratic institutions. He also expressed the commitment of his administration to providing an enabling environment for the private sector to thrive. He assured the youths that special attention will be paid to the growth of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises through the provision of intervention funds by the Central Bank of Nigeria.


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