Certain changes are bound to occur as a nation evolves in its journey to nationhood. One of such changes is exemplified with periodic reviews of existing laws such as the Constitution to reflect the norms and values of the people. As a political and legal document, the Constitution establishes the foundation upon which a society is governed. However, most post-colonial African states fail to respect the philosophy that permeates a Constitution. This is exacerbated with the low civic awareness on the Constitution. Building strong constitutions requires inclusive participation of all citizens irrespective of age, tribe, gender, disability etc. This program is design to support constitution-building processes that strengthens democratic ethos, rule of law, political stability and national cohesion.

Strategic objectives

  1. Promote public education on Constitution as a strategy of deepening constitutionalism and rule of law;
  1. Facilitate citizens access and participation of vulnerable groupsin constitution building processes;
  1. Contribute to building a body of knowledge on constitutionalism and rule of law in Africa through trends monitoring, research and documentation;