APC Youth Praises Not Too Young To Run Movement

The Youth Wing of the All Progressive Congress (APC) have Commended  the NotTooYoungToRun movement for its sustained advocacy on the Age reduction bill currently awaiting Presidential assent, saying the President and his administration are youth friendly thus will assent to the bill once it comes before him. The ruling party through a delegation led by young Presidential aspirant in the 2019 elections, Adamu Garba said this during a courtesy visit to YIAGA Africa office in Abuja.


Adamu Garba described that as far back as 2007 he has intended to run for the office of President in 2019, despite being aware he would only be 35 years old. According to Garba, “We did not know there was a movement to change this. We were sleeping, and the Not Too Young To Run Campaign woke us up. All the work and outreach we have accomplished would not have been given a light without what YIAGA Africa and Not Too Young To Run has done”


The delegation was received by YIAGA Africa’s Executive Director Samson Itodo, who thanked the stakeholders for their support for Not Too Young To Run. He explained that YIAGA Africa was only one member of a larger coalition behind the campaign.


Samson Itodo made it clear that while the Not Too Young To Run Coalition was keen to see more young people contesting for political office, Nigeria needed young people who would bring a new kind of leadership. He emphasized that young leaders should work to build parties that are respective of institutions over individuals and that support the rule of law and human rights.    According to Itodo, there is an idea that party loyalty means support to individuals when it should be support to an institution.


During the visit, Itodo also introduced Ready To Run, the newest initiative of YIAGA Africa. Ready To Run according to him will identify and profile young aspirants to political office, support their ambitions and link them to opportunities for funding with other organizations.


While reacting to the comments by Mr Itodo, Mr Garba said, they were aware of these issues, and were committed to solving them from within the party. “We are not satisfied with the status quo within APC, and that is why we want to come out and make a difference”, he said


Samson Itodo closed the visit by offering words of advice for the aspirants. He said anyone running for office should ensure they have an ideology, that they build a movement, and that they have a strategic plan for how to win the election.



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