YIAGA Induct Writers to Document Experiences of Young Politicians

The Youth Initiative for Advocacy, Growth and Advancement, (YIAGA) Centre for Legislative Engagement (CLE) has inducted a team of Writers to implement a book project that will serve as a resource pool for young men and women interested in running for public office in Nigeria. The book would leverage on previous experiences of political office holders while running for office in a bid to inspire citizens to run for public office.

To this end, YIAGA-CLE issued a call for creative writers, out of which Six writers were selected based on the strength of their applications and invited to an induction/methodology workshop to brief them on the nature of the project and solicit their feedback in designing its workplan. The selected writers include; Temitayo Olofinlua, Head Writer, Richard Ali, Aishat Abiri, Beatrice Porbeni, Amara Okolo, and Eketi Ette.

The book is expected to share experiences of young people mainly under 35 years old who ran and won elections at various level and a couple of candidates who ran but did not win.  During the induction, Professor Shola Omotola from Ekiti State University highlighted the challenges faced by candidates, particularly young candidates at various stages of elections. Prof. Omotola also suggests other areas of interest where the writers can explore during interview with young politicians who can for office and this includes issues relating to political mentorship popularly known as Godfatherism.

There was also a session on lesson learnt from similar publications in the past. Wumi Asubiaro one of the facilitators, presented “Election Herstories: Lessons Learnt” based on her experience writing a book with multiple authors on women in politics. Election Herstories documented the stories of 13 women, grouping them into themes based on the most interesting parts of their stories. Wumi explained that the decision to group in themes came after interviews were conducted and the first draft was completed. She commended the decision to use creative writers instead of activists or academics. She also stressed the importance of creating complementary products such as video documentary with the book to enhance publicity.

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