YIAGA Annual Retreat! – 2018!!! Our Year of Disruption

Making Great Things Happen!

Achieving Together!!

Building a Community of Experts!!!

Fresh from the successes achieved in the year 2017 which include the passage of the #NotTooYoungToRun Bill in both House of Representatives and Senate and successfully observing the November 18, Anambra Gubernatorial election, YIAGA has tagged 2018 as the ‘Year of Disruption’.  This was revealed during the institution’s annual retreat held in Abuja on 12th and 13th of January, 2018.

According to YIAGA Executive Director, Samson Itodo, YIAGA has become a reference point with respect to advocacy, youth participation and electoral matters. He applauded the growing influence of YIAGA within the region and improvement in institutional growth particularly in programme implementation, advocacy and knowledge production.

The retreat which had members of the board in attendance, witnessed several reflections and projections by the different departments. Chairman of the board, Dr. Hussaini Abdu placed emphasis on the importance of becoming resourceful at the individual level as well as the institutional level. He noted that “many Nigerian NGOs started well but could not handle the pressure of growth and getting grants”.

According to Dr Abdu, YIAGA on the other hand has succeeded in evolving and has survived this challenge but there is need for YIAGA to maintain her relevance within the local, regional and international community. He reiterated the need to be dynamic and adapt to changing contexts by being disruptive in the year 2018.

Cynthia Mbamalu, Programme Manager, YIAGA gave an overview of YIAGA projects, activities and programmes in 2017. She stated that, YIAGA recorded great achievements in 2017. Among successes recorded was the ability to lead through, particularly, the ‘Not Too Young To Run (NTYTR)’ and Youth Organizing School (YOS) projects. YOS had 1329 applications with 109 beneficiaries. Additionally, YIAGA was able to choose State Coordinators, keeping NTYTR in the state media and assemblies without direct presence she noted.

She also noted that, on the National Day of Action for #NotTooYoungToRun Bill, there was a march to the National Assembly and also in 24 State Capitals with 12,000 youths participating in general, including Borno State. She further itemized YIAGA’s accomplishments in 2017 which include:

  1. Organized a Town Hall Meeting on NTYTR with Speakers from Kwara, Ekiti, Benue, Kaduna and representation from Kebbi and Cross Rivers in attendance.
  2. Passage of NTYTR bill in 11 State Houses of Assembly as at December 2017.
  • Launched Ready to Run with 170 registrations in the first month.
  1. Connecting Youth with Government and increasing youth interest in political issues.
  2. Engaged in policy dialogue on youth development.
  3. Organized colloquium on youth and their future in Nigeria.
  • Provided support to the office of the Senate President.
  • Organized Democracy Summer Camp with 258 students (135 girls).
  1. Running of the Radio Ambassadors program under the accountability project.
  2. Establishment of the Centre for Legislative Engagement programme.
  3. YIAGA Election team got feedback from INEC when we put out our reports, we got media attributions to WTV.
  • YIAGA Election Team released our turnout figures before the results and prompted INEC to do same which is usually not the case with INEC.
  • YIAGA had the Chair of INEC visit and he met with election team (WTV).
  • YIAGA-CLE did lots of Bill Analysis, Budget Analysis, Youth Budget Analysis for 2017 and Budget of Ministry of Youth and Sports Development Analysis for 2017.


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